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Where did the name Akyla come from?

I, Carol, while in college acquired a black lab puppy in the summer of 1991. My once in a lifetime dog. It took sometime for me to find the perfect name for her. Wanted something unique, something the dog would know it was her name. I was asked 'Have you named your dog yet?' 'Have you named your dog yet?' 'Have you named your dog yet?' more times than I care to remember. I searched the unabridged dictionary, several college text books, pleasure reading books and many other items in my apartment and around Ft Collins, CO where I was living. Finally I came across a puzzle box of constellations and played with the different names. Aquila, which is Zeus's Eagle, became Akilla (pronounced Akeela) and it fit my criteria of being unique to my little black ball of wiggles. I then continued to further play with the name and came up with Akyla (pronounced A ki la). We have since learned that Akyla is Russian for shark and depending on pronunciation that it has origins in Latin and Arabic.

Are you Certified Organic?

While we are not certified we do use organic feeds and practices. We believe the integrity of the farmer is more important than a sheet of paper from a third party. No one follows a farmer around day-to-day to make sure that he/she follows what he/she says he/she does. If you want to come check us out, or follow us for a day or two just let us know and we would be happy to schedule a date and time when we can answer your questions.

Where can I purchase your products?

Our products are available directly from the farm. Meats are available by pre-order at selected times of the year, see our newsletter/pre-order form for current processing dates. For the non-perishable items let us know if you are interested and we can schedule a time for pick-up.

Do you offer tours?

We are happy to meet you for a tour of our farms by appointment. We do manage 2 locations that are about 20 minutes apart and are happy to show them both to you in one tour. Or we can just focus on one location. The home farm is about 2 acres and is where the poultry (layers and meat chickens) and dairy goats live. The Birdsview property is 67 acres of leased land that the cows, pigs and brush control goat herd help us manage.

What costs are included in the pork price per pound?

The pork price per pound includes our costs and those from Silvana Meats, the butcher we use. The charges from the butcher include the cost of butchering, cut and wrap and curing for bacon and hams. Is it possible to butcher on the farm? Butchering animals is never a subject to be taken lightly. We spend many hours raising the animals, searching for solutions for their medical issues and just being with them, they become 'our children' in that we can know them as individuals and we watch them grow as we give them their daily care. So when butchering time arrives we want all of the animals to have a quick death with minimal suffering. We provide several options for how the life can be taken here at the farm depending on the species and still maintain a clean environment. We can and have sold live animals for meat that then left the farm before being butchered, but prefer the life be taken on the farm to minimize the stress the animal goes through in the hours before the life is taken.

We do have a few general requests when you come to butcher/pick up your animal/meat here at the farm.

  • Please treat us, our property and the animals with respect.
  • Do not litter.
  • No smoking. This includes E Cigeretes and Vaping.
  • It is recommended to bring a cooler(s) and ice to take your meat home.