We have been raising chickens for meat since 2006, using the Freedom
Rangers for the last several years. Freedom Rangers are what is called
a terminal cross of different breeds. This helps to give the birds
hybrid vigor which allows them to grow better than their parents. We
also like this breed because they do more than just go from feeder to
waterer and back. They graze fresh pasture daily once they come out of
the brooder and many take short flights in their pens.

The chickens eat an organic, non-GMO, soy free feed along with whatever
grasses, forbs and bugs they find. They also occasionally get some
surplus goat milk from our milking does. They are not vaccinated or
given antibiotics at any time. If medical treatment is needed
Homeopathic is the preferred modality.

To minimize stress on the birds we process our chickens here on the farm
where they are raised under the WA State Department of Agriculture
Pastured Poultry Permit. We use our own stainless steel equipment that
is cleaned before and after every use. Quality control for processing
day starts with deciding which birds to process first and does not end
until you pick up your birds. The rare bird that comes through with
plucker damage or had an injury is kept by us for our use.

Pastured Poltury

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