2021 Order form
Contact Us at:barnyard@akylafarms.com

Akyla Farms
24498 Polte Rd.
Sedro-Woolley WA 98284
(360) 941-1533

Fall Pork (7.50/lb hanging weight includes cut and wrap)
(after 5/1/2021 $7.75/lb hanging weight)

Whole ______ X $200 = ________(due for order placement)

Half ______ X $100 = ________(due for order placement)

Meat Chickens ($6.00/lb hanging weight)(after 5/1/2021 $6.50/lb hanging weight)
Request dates to pick up and how many birds per date:
June 5______ June 6______ June 12______
July 24______ July 25______ July 31______

Total number of birds ______X $7.50 deposit = $_________
Organs and feet will be available at the time of pickup

Any order over 40 birds
may nees to be split
between processing dates and or batches

Amount enclosed $__________


Mailing Address__________________________________________________________________________

City_______________________________________ State_______ Zip____________________

Phone #_______________________Email __________________________________________
*Contact us for any questions you have. (360) 941-1533 or barnyard@akylafarms.com
*Deposits are non-refundable unless Akyla Farms cannot provide your requested item(s).
*Payment by cash or check is preferred, but credit/debit is also possible.
*Total amount due will be calculated based on hanging weight minus any deposit and prepayments.
*If you would like beef/pork organs (heart, liver, lungs or kidneys) or other offal from your whole or half please make a note on your pre-order form and we will contact you before slaughter.
*Silvana Meats will slaughter and process the beef and pork. You will need to contact them within a day or two after slaughter with your cut & wrap and curing instructions.
*All beef/pork costs are included in the price of the whole, half or quarter.
*After slaughter of the beef/pork Akyla Farms will contact you with the final cost.
*You agree to pick up your poultry on the selected date unless prior arrangements are made with Akyla Farms.
*Poultry are to be picked-up at the Sedro-Woolley farm location.
*All Non-Sufficient Funds checks will be charged a $25 fee.

To place an order either Print this page or email us at Barnyard@akylafarms.com to receive a PDF file to print. Fill out the order form and mail it back to us with your check for order placement. We will send you a receipt to confirm your order. Thank you.

Make checks payable to: Akyla Farms, Mail check and order form to: Akyla Farms, 24498 Polte Rd, Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284